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Exotic Savannah Cats for Sale
Exotic Savannah Kittens for Sale


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Although we do encourage ongoing contact with our kitten buyers, please note that our cattery is located inside our home. We are extremely mindful about our husbandry as well as our privacy and we proudly maintain a “CLOSED CATTERY” which means that OUR HOME IS NOT OPEN TO VISITORS.

We adopted this policy to protect the health of our savannah cats and other animals, prevent any issues that may hinder the efforts of our Breeding Cats and to honor the wishes of our family to maintain their privacy.

Since Savannah Cats have gained in popularity, so has demand from the Public to interact with these wonderful cats “up close and personal.” We appreciate the desire for the general public to observe and play with savannah cats and savannah kittens, and the requests for visiting savannah catteries has become overwhelming. Unfortunately, we are not a retail store, and therefore it is impossible for us to accommodate these requests for home visits without becoming a Petting Zoo and receiving hundreds of visitors through our home on a daily basis.

We offer our savannah kitten buyers the option of “local pick up” and as a final step in the process of buying a kitten, allow a “meet and greet” with the kitten selected. Prior to scheduling an in-home visit for you to meet your kitten in person, we need to get to know YOU – we provide you with photos, videos, answer your questions and allow you time to review our Purchase Agreement. We also need to ask you questions to determine whether or not the particular kitten you have inquired about is a good fit for your family.

Meeting your kitten for the first time is the last step in taking your savannah kitten home and if done on the day of pick up, little more than a formality. Provided your kitten of choice is “as described” (in looks, temperament and health), it is our expectation that your kitten will leave with you at the end of your visit, become a beloved member of your family and join you as a forever companion.

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